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  • Juicies Celebrates 30 Years

    Juicies the beloved school canteen favourite is turning 30. What started as a juice pouch and was adapted into a frozen juice bar by some crafty students now is the go-to snack 10,000,000 times in New Zealand alone with many international fans now discovering the healthier yet tasty Juicies too. ... View Post
  • Bring learning into the school canteen

    Image: Mr T excited about the lessons Juicies can teach to set children up for their future. It was costing the school every month to cover staff wages and the profits from sales were not covering the overheads. Rightly so, the board wanted to spend the limited school budget on learning activitie... View Post
  • How to open Juicies

    "How do you open Juicies?" It is a rare question we receive but one that can baffle our newest customers who simply want to get into the delicious juicy contents! There is no right or wrong way to open Juicies but here are the most common methods to open your Juicies packet: - If your teeth are s... View Post