Contract Manufacturing

Tasman Bay Food Co. is a key contract manufacturer specialising in baked food products and added-value fruit juice and frozen dairy products. We work with companies in New Zealand, Australia and further afield.


Contract Manufacturing Bakery

Our well-equipped facility supports medium to high volume production of individually wrapped and baked products.
Our experienced team combined with our specialised plant enables us to produce an extensive range of products including:

  • Cookies
  • Filled bars
  • Unbaked fruit and nut bars
  • Fruit pies e.g. Christmas fruit mince
  • Muffins
  • Organic products



Our specialised packaging equipment includes:

  • Flow wrapping
  • Automatic weighing and bagging
  • Volumetric filling
  • Skillet cartoning

 Contract manufactured fruit bars flow wrapped in film packaging


Military Long Life Fruit Bars

Tasman Bay Food Co. is an experienced supplier to global military customers since 2002. Our specialist high-quality fruit bar product has a long shelf life suitable for ration pack requirements. Our bars are used in armed and emergency forces in regions including Asia, Pacific and the Middle East.

Military Ration Pack Food Contract Manufacture Fruit Bars on packing machine 


Fruit & Dairy

Fruit Juice Pressing, Pasteurisation and Bagging
Tasman Bay Food Co. provides a quality year round service to press fruit (apple, pear, boysenberry, feijoa), pasteurise and fill 3L bags.

 Abby bagging juice in Juice Factory


Bulk Chutney Sauce Base, Tomato Chutney Sauce, Apple Sauce

Our sauce plant manufactures chutney sauce base as an ingredient for further manufacturing. We also manufacture finished tomato chutney sauce products into pouches and bottles 5L-20L.

 Sauce pallecons outside warehouse

Food Safety & Quality

Tasman Bay Food Co. operates an MPI approved Food Safety Programme and is SQF audited.

We provide:

  • Excellent food safety and quality control
  • Modern equipment & facilities
  • Skilled production and packing staff
  • Medium to high volume production
  • A passion for quality food products

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