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Dr. Feelgood frozen pops popsicle ice block range

Jellytop Chocolate and Raspberry
A wibbly wobbly raspberry and rose water jelly-top tops our creamy chocowoohoo chocoholic choc pop. Made with organic raw cacao for extra chocolatey superfood goodness.
Jellytop Passionfruit and White Chocolate
A passionately perfect pucker pulling wibbly wobbly passionfruit jelly-top, perched above a super choctastic creamy white chocowoohoo choc pop.

Banoffee. Banana, Caramel & Cream

Our blatantly bonkers Banoffee pie pop is a dead ringer for the real thing: lush creamy caramel, organic bananas, cream and a kiss of organic coconut sugar.

Chocoholic, Cacao & Cream

A classic creamy chocolate pop of addictive, organic raw cold-pressed cacao beans sweetened naturally with a kiss of evaporated nectar gathered from the organically grown coconut tree flower.

Cosmic Cola

This celestial Cosmic Cola pop will have your tastebuds skyrocketing out of this world with the refreshingly sweet flavours of the kola nut, fruits and citrus.

Old Fashioned Pink Lemonade

This pink pop packs-a-punch from a time honoured recipe of old fashioned lemony lemonade crafted with a fairy’s whisper of raspberry. If pink were a flavour then this is it.


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