About us

Tasman Bay Food Co.

We are Tasman Bay Food Co. We are the home of Juicies, Moosies, Dr. Feelgood, Zesti, all the school canteen favourites, and contract manufacture organic and snack products.


The Tasman Bay Food Co. Story

More than 30 years ago our founder Brian Hirst had a vision to create an innovative food production business using healthy and delicious produce from the Nelson region. Nelson has a unique climate – calm, warm and sunny, and crops such as apples, berries, hops and grapes are grown in abundance.

Brian Hirst Founder of JuiciesFamily Celebrating at Launch of Dr. Feelgood Frozen Pops

Brian Hirst, 2008 holding Juicies in front of Brightwater warehouse.
Brian taking a photo of daughters and grandchildren at launch of Dr. Feelgood Frozen Pops 2020.


Brian wanted to make food and beverage products that were healthy, tasty and appealed to a diverse range of people across borders and age groups. One of the first products that Brian and his team developed was Juicies – freshly pressed Nelson apple juice blended with other fruit juices into sachets. Juicies were originally designed as a lunchbox drink – but school children had other ideas and started the trend of eating them frozen.

Today, Tasman Bay Food Co. is still a family-owned business and we’re still in the business of making Juicies. As well as Original Juicies which have become a staple in school canteens in New Zealand and Australia, we’ve developed innovative new products such as Juicies Tubes – now sold in nine countries around the world.

Tasman Bay Food Co. has an awesome team of about 50 staff and we're proud to be building on the legacy Brian began – by making naturally healthy, simple and delicious food products. We hope you love our Juicies and newer products as much as we do!  


Juicies Products

Original Juicies

Original Juicies have been sold in school canteens since 1990. They come in seven yummy flavours and are great value. Now available in fundraising packs and combo boxes in the ambient iceblock aisle in New Zealand supermarkets.

Juicies original school


Frozen Juicies

All good stuff! Freshly pressed Nelson apples blended with delicious fruits and berries (and very little else). Available in four flavours - Tropical, Wildberry, Lemonade, and Orange.

The goodness of real fruit ingredients, yummm! 100% natural. No added sugar. 5 star health rating.

Available in the freezer section of supermarkets throughout New Zealand


Frozen Juicies supermarket

Juicies Range of Frozen Ice Blocks


Juicies Tubes

Developed for export markets, Juicies Tubes are now sold in nine countries around the globe.  You’ll also find freezers with Juicies Tubes in popular summer holiday spots around New Zealand.  If you're a business owner and would like to talk to us about getting a Juicies freezer, please click here to contact us.

Juicies Tubes

Coconut Juicies

Sometimes the simple things are the best. Coconut Juicies are made from freshly pressed Nelson apples blended with delicious fruits or berries, creamy coconut and very little else. Coconut Juicies are dairy-free with the goodness of real fruit ingredients, yummm!

Coconut Juicies tubesCoconut Juicies box supermarket


Moosies are the 100% natural flavoured milk freeze made with creamy New Zealand milk. Making them a great source of calcium, moovelous!. Moosies are available in delicious Chocolate, Strawberry, Lime, Blue Moon & Banana.

Moosies are a healthier treat for kids on the go. Simply cut off the top for a creamy hit of milk freeze which is also a good source of calcium.

Cool. Dairy. Simple.

Moosies Flavours Bars