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  • Jay from The Rock Radio had a Dream

    Jay's dream as a 13 year old was to always have Juicies. And it's come true! Take a listen to The Rock radio here:   Jay's kids now also enjoy Juicies, passing on the dream.   Do... View Post
  • Juicies Celebrates 30 Years

    Juicies the beloved school canteen favourite is turning 30. What started as a juice pouch and was adapted into a frozen juice bar by some crafty students now is the go-to snack 10,000,000 times in New Zealand alone with many international fans now discovering the healthier yet tasty Juicies too. ... View Post
  • Shelf Life of Juicies and Moosies

    If you have chosen Juicies and Moosies as part of your shopping please read the guidelines which outline how to ensure you get the longest possible life (if they stick around that long in your household) and keep the same flavour as when they left our factory in Nelson Tasman. View Post