Futurefoods School Canteen

Futurefoods products for the school canteen are not only healthier options but just as importantly taste great and kids love them!
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We provide healthier choices and quality, affordable food products to school canteens. We work closely with school canteens to develop healthier, tasty options for children and young adults that fit with the Ministry of Health’s Food & Beverage Classification system.

Futurefoods in Your School Canteen

Our futurefoods distributors are able to help you with your healthy canteen policy and suggest menus for primary, intermediate and secondary schools as well as combo choices for certain age groups.
If you are interested in selling futurefoods products in your school canteen call us on 0800 148 276 or email info@futurefoods.co.nz. We are happy to provide you with an information pack with everything needed to get you set up to sell.
Our Brands
The futurefoods product range includes products such as Noodles, Pizzas, Pies, Hot Dogs, Cookies, Frozen Pops and more. It also includes the iconic New Zealand ‘Juicies’ and ‘Moosies’ products, which are now being enjoyed by second and third generations of children.

How do you get Juicies and Moosies stocked at your local school canteen?

  • If you are a caregiver or parent keen on your child eating healthier futurefood products at school, pass on your interest to us and onto your child's school.


  • If you are principal, school canteen manager or another school staff member or representative then please contact us about your interest. We will then have your local distributor contact you with all the relevant information specific to your region in New Zealand or state in Australia.
 School Canteen with Juicies


Award Winning Products

Futurefoods products have won numerous awards and accolades over the years: