Sisters in business

When Brian Hirst planted grapes and boysenberries in Ruby Bay in the 1970’s he had no idea that he would later have two daughters who would continue his legacy over 40 years later.

Marina and Ainslie both work in the business, Marina as Managing Director and Ainslie across multiple areas including purchasing, finance, administration and customer management. Both trained in commerce, business administration and entrepreneurship and worked in other businesses before joining Tasman Bay Food Co.

They say the opportunity to work in a family business is amazing. “While you work extremely hard and there is a different kind of pressure, the offset is flexibility and a level of strategic influence. The goals are very different with family shareholders, with the future lens cast out further”.

“We are lucky to have learned a great set of skills from Dad”, says Marina, “I always refer to some of his mottos like ‘if you don’t ask, you don’t get’!”.

Already the next generation of the Hirst family are becoming involved in the business with the first of Brian’s grandchildren, Jet, working in the factory in his school holidays. All four grandchildren are avid supporters of Juicies, Moosies and Dr Feelgood Frozen Pops. “They happily taste test anything we bring home”.

“Our kids are getting close to the age we were when Juicies were invented. Its lovely to think the third generation of our small family are now interested in our brands, products and processes, they ask a lot of questions and are beginning to add their own ideas to the mix.”