Juicies Nutritional Panel and Ingredient List

Real. Fruit. Simple.

Have you been wondering 'what's in Juicies?' well here are the answers.

Made with locally sourced apples from around the Nelson Tasman region they're brought to our site in Brightwater to be freshly pressed then put straight into Juicies and Speedway Sauce.


Juicies Nutritional Information and Ingredient List

Frequently Asked Questions:

Why is there Vitamin C in the ingredient list?

Browning naturally occurs when you leave a cut apple open, to prevent it from browning quickly you may add a squeeze of lemon juice. We do something similar to Juicies, we add vitamin c to slow the fruit in your Juicies from browning, the vitamin c is used up over time and commonly there is none left in the product by the time it is eaten. Your Juicies will arrive at room temperature but freezing your Juicies also slows the browning process and gives them a longer life.


Why can my Juicies taste sweeter some times?

Juicies have no added sugar, the sweetness comes from the fruit, we monitor every step when making Juicies so the taste stays the same but it can vary from time to time depending on what type of apples we get from the fruit growers.


Can I thaw my Juicies and then refreeze them?

We have a few types of Juicies and some can be refrozen and others are likely to pop the packaging if you try and do so! It's handy to know the difference.

Juicies in the fundraiser packs and brought in the combination box on the shelf in supermarkets are put through a different process and filled into a pouch that can handle the changes in temperature, making it easy to store in the pantry and sell at fundraising events without a freezer.

With the Juicies purchased in the freezer at supermarkets or in tubes like Coconut Juicies, these must be kept frozen until ready to eat.


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