Is Juicies & Moosies packaging recyclable?


Juicies & Moosies packaging is made from PE (recycle number 4). PE is recyclable through NZ Soft Plastics Recycling Scheme in New Zealand and REDcycle in Australia.

How to recycle your Juicies wrapper

Please ensure they are dry and as empty as possible.

Drop your soft plastics into your nearest REDcycle/Soft Plastics collection bin at supermarket collection points.

What happens to the Juicies wrapper?

In Australia:

The collected plastic is returned to RED Group’s facility for initial processing, then delivered to Victorian manufacturer Replas where it undergoes an incredible transformation. Replas uses the material as the resource to produce a huge range of recycled-plastic products, from fitness circuits to sturdy outdoor furniture, bollards, signage and more.

In New Zealand:

The soft plastics are recycled into Future Post – A better performing post.  Futurepost use the plastic materials which are blended with other plastics to manufacture plastic fence posts, vegetable gardens and parking bumpers.

Our sustainability journey …

As a business we care about our environment and have a goal to continuously improve so we do not contribute to environmental & climate degradation. We have developed many improvements around our sustainability practices and waste streams. Recyclability is an important factor we consider when selecting packaging and packaging suppliers for Juicies & Moosies.

We are continuously looking at ways to improve Juicies & Moosies and compostable packaging is one of them. At the moment there is a real lack of composting facilities around New Zealand and Australia, therefore the experts have advised us that our 100% recyclable PE packaging is still the best option for Juicies & Moosies. We will continue to review this as communities begin to improve their composting and recycling services.

If you would like to read more about our sustainability journey and some of our environmental initiatives click here

Other information:

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