Fundraising - What's Your Why?


Fundraising can feel like a never-ending job and it’s often difficult to stay motivated. The problem is, if you’re not motivated to fundraise, it’s hard to motivate anyone else to get involved. Doom and gloom never attracts anyone.

One way to keep the motivation going is to focus on your why – not your what. So instead of talking about the school camp or the new uniforms, think about why those things are important. What difference will school camp make to the children who attend? How will new uniforms impact the team? How would not having those things impact on the children involved?

When you get really focussed on why your goal is important, it’s much easier to cope with the fundraising ups and downs. It’s also easier to persuade people to give when they understand how important your goal is.

If you’re struggling to find your why, it could be sign that you’re fundraising for the wrong thing. Take a step back and consider what would make the biggest impact for your school, sports club or community group. A shift in purpose might be all you need to get your motivation back on track.

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