Tips and Facts about Summer in New Zealand

With the New Zealand heat wave impending this weekend we thought it best to arm you with 10 tips and bits of information to enjoy these warmer temperatures.

1. Slip, Slop, Slap and Wrap

A message as nostalgic as Juicies still rings true. Slip into protective clothing and shade, Slop on some sunscreen, Slap on a hat, and Wrap on some sunnies.Pink Pig Cancer Society Slip Slop Slap Wrap Sun

2. Find a Local Swimming Spot

Most regional councils or tourism websites have information regarding popular swimming spots. These are a free and easy way to cool down in the summer heat.

Swimming Spot Bomb off Wharf

3. Timing is Everything

Levels of ultraviolet rays from the sun are highest between 10 am - 4 pm. UV radiation peaks from September through to April and is more harmful at higher altitudes. Remember that UV rays can reflect off surfaces and can penetrate through cloud cover too. One positive is that the distance New Zealand is away from the equator means the equator the UV exposure goes down but still best to follow step 1 during these times in particular.

Sun heat wave UV rays yellow background boy in sunglasses

4. Get Prepared with Juicies

Whether a creamy coconut base is your thing or simple fruit flavours Juicies offers a range that will satisfy and cool when the heat wave hits. Top up the freezer with Juicies the sort that are in our fundraiser packs and sold on the shelf in the supermarket are suitable to take to the beach in the chilly bin as they're made to withstand varying temperatures. Although the chance of frozen hands in this heat might be slim the drips will best be caught on Juicies Holders rather than all over hands and clothes.

Juicies Holder in Use. Photo credit Shay Walsh

5. Roadtrip

Jump in the car or on a bus for the more adventurous and head on a road trip to discover your own backyard. It will be perfect weather to have the windows down and music up while seeing the sights Aotearoa has to offer.

6. Watch the Weather Report

Reliable sources of information regarding New Zealand weather and climate are MetService and NIWA. Getting up to date and relevant information can help you to plan and be in the sun when you do and don't want to be.

Weather Report Nelson Summer 2019

7. Fan Yourself

If you have managed to survive the past few New Zealand summers without purchasing a fan, well done to you but now might be the time to cave in before we have another nationwide shortage of them. Although bribing the kids with Juicies to fan you with cardboard from our Juicies Fundraiser boxes also works.

8. Ozone Layer

Protection really is necessary during summer in New Zealand as we are very close to the ozone hole that forms over the Southern Pole. The Ozone has been referred to as 'Earth's natural sunscreen' it is a layer in the stratosphere that absorbs UV rays. Many of us have felt the feeling of being sunburnt when we've been caught out and completely understand the harshness of the suns rays.

Ozone layer new zealand southern hemisphere

9. Sun Sensitivity

There are many reasons why people can be more sensitive to sun damage than others. People who have had skin cancer, are taking certain medications and using skin products can be more susceptible to the effects of UV rays. Many skin exfoliants and serums contain glycolic acid, the acid reacts with the top layer of skin to remove dead skin cells the benefits reverse the suns damage but at the same time, it makes people more likely to be burnt by the sun. If you are worried about the 18% rise in risk it can decline to no additional risk after 1 week of not using glycolic acid products.

 Sun Sensitivity Summer Sea Kick

10. King of the Grill

Become the King of the Grill whether it's at home for dinner or fundraising for something near and dear to you a sausage sizzle always goes down a treat when the weather turns it on.


Whatever you do with this magnificent summer weather remember to stay safe in the sun, enjoy all that New Zealand has to offer and of course do it all with Juicies in hand.