How to Run a Successful Juicies Event Fundraiser

So you've decided you want to run a Juicies event fundraiser?  Here are a few tips to make sure your event goes as smoothly as possible...

Order early

Make sure you order your Juicies Event Pack at least two weeks in advance. Your Juicies Event Pack will be delivered within five working days of payment being received.  It will be delivered unfrozen – and it can take a few days for all the Juicies to freeze down completely. Ideally, aim to get them in the freezer at least 5 days before your event.

Freezing your Juicies - recommended method

If you receive the Juicies in plenty of time before the event (5 days or more), you should keep the Juicies in their cartons when you freeze them.  On the day of the event, take the cartons of frozen Juicies out and put them into chilly bins. If you keep the Juicies in their cartons, and keep the chilly bin lids closed, you won’t need ice. They will stay well frozen for about six hours this way.  

Freezing your Juicies - the quick way

If you only have a couple of days to freeze the Juicies before your event, they will freeze much quicker out of the carton. If they are not in cartons, you should put them in a chilly bin with ice for the event.

Signage & Promotion

Having some good signage and the right location at the event is important. It’s best to have your own stand if possible – make sure you talk to the organiser beforehand. Local schools (Nelson/Tasman) are welcome to borrow our Juicies stand – you just need to book it in advance and collect it from our Brightwater office.  Futurefoods distributors in other areas of New Zealand may also have stands you can borrow - ask us when you purchase your Event pack.

If you don't have a Juicies stand, you can use the free poster provided with your event pack. These look great laminated. Write the price and the available flavours on the poster before laminating and stick them up somewhere prominent. It can also be useful to have sample Juicies (one of each flavour) out on display if you don’t have other signage. And of course a loud voice shouting “Juicies for Sale” always helps!


Gather together all the items in the checklist below.


  • Juicies – keep them in their cartons
  • Chilly bins (you can fit at least two cartons in an average size chilly bin).  You don’t need ice if you keep them frozen in their cartons.
  • Juicies display stand and/or event poster
  • One or more pairs of scissors to cut open Juicies
  • A float with plenty of change and somewhere to keep the money - belt bag or ice-cream container
  • Sellotape or velcro to stick up the posters
  • Bucket or bin for discarded plastic
  • A cloth and water to wipe up any drips and keep the area clean


The one factor you can’t do much about is the weather and it will have a big impact on sales. If it’s a cold or wet day, you probably won’t sell as many as on a hot day. Don’t worry – Juicies keep well – they have a nine month shelf-life if stored unfrozen or 21 months if stored frozen. If you have some left over, they are fine to re-freeze and keep for another event even if they have thawed out.

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