Juicies for Christchurch

New Zealand had its darkest day on Friday 15th March 2019. Since this day the nation has shown an outpouring of love, grieved together and found ways to show their support to the communities most affected. An idea that came from Havelock North Intermediate School is one that Juicies is backing 100%.

Let's support Christchurch students through this traumatic event by getting behind 'Juicies for Christchurch'


What is 'Juicies for Christchurch'?

'Juicies for Christchurch' is a way for students to support students in Christchurch by purchasing a Juicie from their school canteen, the student gets to enjoy a Juicie, the school donates a Juicie to a Christchurch school and us here at Juicies are matching each donation.

Juicies for Christchurch donation process


How the idea of 'Juicies for Christchurch' started:

Havelock North School Juicies Christchurch


For those who want to be involved but may not stock Juicies in your local school canteen or maybe you aren't a student, you can still participate:

Head to our Juicies Shop and add three (or multiples of three) Juicies Event Packs to your shopping cart, add the discount code JuiciesForChristchurch and we will send you a Juicies Event Pack and arrange delivery of the other two donated Juicies Event Packs.


Code validity and donation scheme will continue until the 31st of March 2019.