Are Juicies and Moosies Gluten-Free?

We get heaps of questions about whether Juicies and Moosies are gluten-free. They are! Juicies are made from just freshly-pressed apples and other fruit juices… and that’s all. There is no flour or other sources of gluten in our Juicies or Moosies factories and our teams are well trained to keep it that way. 

If Juicies and Moosies are gluten-free, why not put ‘gluten-free’ on the packaging?

In the past we’ve had ‘gluten-free’ on Moosies packaging, however with the changes to New Zealand food labelling regulations, we’ve had to remove it as we don’t undertake regular testing for gluten.  Nothing has changed with the Moosies recipe.  Similarly, with Juicies, we don’t include a ‘gluten-free’ claim simply because we don’t carry out testing for gluten.

Why not test for gluten?

Testing for gluten is expensive and we can't do it ourselves in-house.  We would have to pass on the costs on to you, our customers.

Are the new Coconut Juicies also gluten-free?

Yes they are.  Coconut Juicies are made from freshly-pressed apple juice blended with other fruits or berries and coconut cream. Coconut Juicies are also dairy-free.

What do parents have to say…

We receive lots of feedback from parents that Juicies and Moosies are treats that their kids who may react to other treat foods can safely enjoy.  Here are a couple of recent comments…

“One of the only treats my special needs daughter can enjoy without any negative repercussions.”

“Thanks to Tropical Juicies, my Multifood allergic (dairy/soy/egg&nuts) daughter can have a store-bought ice block without sugar & without worries!”

If you have any questions or feedback or if you would like further information about our manufacturing processes, please get in touch.


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