Zesti Organic Fruit Bars

Zesti Organic Fruit Bars are packed with lots of natural, certified organic goodies including real fruit, whole grains, stone-ground flour, and TranzAlpine manuka honey. We make them delicious, then we bake them perfectly. Little wonder they're so good!

Five individually wrapped fruit bars per pack. Purchase a 12 pack and it equates to under 90c per fruit bar.

12 x boxes per carton - minimum order 1 carton.


Blackcurrant & Manuka Honey Organic Fruit Bars:

Organic Fruit Bars Blackcurrant Zesti NIP


Apricot & Manuka Honey Organic Fruit Bars:

Apricot Organic Fruit Bars Zesti NIP


  • $64.00
  • $71.88