Juicies Event Pack

Juicies - The Healthier Fundraiser

Juicies are a well-known, popular product that kids love. Made from real fruit and 100% natural, they're also healthier than many other fundraising options on offer. A Juicies fundraiser is easy to organise and run and offers good profit margins.

This Juicies Fundraising Event Pack contains a total of 160 Juicies:

  • 4 cartons of 40 Original 100mL Juicies in three popular flavours – 80 Tropical, 40 Wildberry, and 40 Lemonade.
  • A free promotional poster to use at your event


Sell Juicies at the RRP of $2 each to make a profit of $215 from each Juicies Event Pack.

The free promotional poster comes with an interchangeable price spot where you can write how much you would like to charge per Juicie at your event.

Storage and Handling

  • Your Juicies Fundraising Event Pack will be delivered unfrozen
  • Freeze your Juicies in their boxes for a few days prior to the event
  • Put the frozen cartons into a chilly bin to take them to your event.  They will stay frozen for about six hours.  You don’t need ice.
  • Don’t worry if they thaw out a little – they are still nice to eat slushy or you can drink them as a juice!
  • If you don’t sell all your Juicies on the day, it's fine to refreeze them (unlike Juicies purchased from the freezer aisle in supermarkets which must be kept frozen at all times).
  • Original Juicies have a 9-month shelf life if stored unfrozen or 21 months if kept frozen.


Delivery is free to any New Zealand address when you spend over $35.00 storewide. Your Juicies Fundraising Event Pack will be delivered within 5 working days of payment being received.

Juicies Ingredients

Tropical Juicies:

Fruit Juice (99.9%) [Fresh Pressed Apple Juice (95.8%), Reconstituted Fruit Juices (Orange, Pineapple, Mango), Passionfruit Juice], Natural Flavour, Vitamin C.

Wildberry Juicies:

Fruit Juice (99.9%) [Fresh Pressed Apple Juice, Reconstitured Fruit Juices (8%) (Boysenberry, Blackcurrant)], Natural Flavour, Vitamin C.

Lemonade Juicies:

Fruit Juice (99.6%) [Fresh Pressed Apple Juice, Lemon Juice (5%)], Natural Flavour, Vitamin C.



Price includes GST, a free poster, and free delivery to any NZ address.