Zesti Organic Crunchy Sunflower Snacks

Zesti Organic Crunchy Sunflower Snacks are a great snack for on the go. With benefits like low sugar and a good source of protein which will keep you fuller for longer, it would be rude to just stop at just one!

Being one of the few healthier savoury snacks available in New Zealand the small 50g packs make them handy to keep in your handbag, car glove box, office desk, and as a go-to for yours and the kid's lunch boxes.


Here's what New Zealanders are saying about Organic Crunchy Sunflower Snacks:

"These were a great snack to have in my draw at work for when I was feeling a little peckish"

"Great taste and perfect size for a snack and keeping in the car for when I find myself out longer than I thought."

"Nice as a healthy snack."

"Perfect snack with no guilt with it"

"This is something I would love to add to a platter for something really different. I think we are getting a bit tired of the same old rice crackers etc at functions and need something with a bit more substance."

"These are a great snacking size and have loads of intense flavour in one little bite."


Chilli & Lime Organic Crunchy Sunflower Snack:

Zesti Chilli & Lime Organic Crunchy Sunflower Snack NIP

Garlic, Olive Oil & Cracked Pepper Organic Crunchy Sunflower Snack:

Garlic Organic Crunchy Sunflower Snack NIP


  • $2.50
  • $2.50