Should Juicies be kept frozen?

From time to time we receive complaints from people who have put their Juicies in the pantry only to find that they have swollen or burst. We offer a few different Juicies products - some are OK in the pantry while others must be kept frozen.

Basically if you pick up a 10-pack of Juicies from the supermarket freezer (like the lemonade ones pictured above on the right), they DO need to be kept frozen until you’re ready to eat them, or consumed within 24 hours of being taken from the freezer). Because of the way they are processed, they won't keep for long out of the freezer.

However we also make ambient Juicies (pictured above on the left) which you will find on the supermarket shelves, rather than in the freezer. These are the same kind of Juicies that are sold in most school canteens. These Juicies are processed differently and wrapped in a special type of film which enables them to safely be stored unfrozen.  Ambient Juicies have a shelf-life of 9 months if stored unfrozen or two years if frozen.

If you’re ever unsure about how you should store Juicies, just refer to the storage instructions on the box - but the basic rule is, if you purchased them from the supermarket freezer, keep them frozen until you're ready to eat them!