Is Juicies Packaging Recyclable?

We often get asked whether Juicies packaging is recyclable.  As a company, Tasman Bay Food Group is committed to sustainability and we have a number of waste management initiatives in place throughout our business. Recyclability is an important factor we consider when selecting packaging and packaging suppliers for Juicies. 

Juicies are made from freshly-pressed Nelson apples blended with delicious fruits, berries (and very little else).  After pressing the apples (and other fruits/berries), the leftover fruit or berry pomace is used to make a fibre-filled base for chutneys and sauces, including our own Speedway Sauce.  Any remaining byproduct is fed to cows.

While most of the packaging components used in Juicies packaging are recyclable, not all councils can accept all types of recycling.

  • All of the outer cardboard cartons that our products are shipped in and the cardboard retail boxes are fully recyclable.
  • The plastic film used on frozen Juicies (the ones you buy from the supermarket freezer) is LDPE (recycling code 4). This is the most common type of plastic to be reclaimed in New Zealand. When recycled, it can be made into items such as rubbish bin liners, compost bins and outdoor furniture.
  • The plastic film used on Original Juicies (the Juicies sold in schools and any you purchase unfrozen) is a laminate film which has a recycling code of 7. Not all councils are able to accept this type of plastic for recycling, but when recycled, number 7 plastics can be made into things like road signs and plastic tables.
  • The Juicies cardboard tubes are made from PEFC certified board which ensures it can be traced from the forest and that the forests are sustainably managed however the tubes are not able to be recycled in New Zealand due to the waterproof layer.

The website contains a useful summary guide to what the different plastic recycling symbols used in New Zealand mean and the recycling guides for each council.